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Mild rains unlikely to douse Siberian wildfires, experts say

The rains' intensity is not high enough to cover such an area, the weather service stated

MOSCOW, August 1. /TASS/. In the upcoming days, mild rains are forecasted in Russia’s Yakutia and Krasnoyarsk Region, where wildfires are currently covering over 2 mln hectares of forests, however, they will not affect the overall situation, the Fobos weather service informed TASS on Thursday.

"They [the rains] will take place today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, however, unfortunately, [their] intensity and the territory that they cover will not affect the fires in any way. Their intensity is not high enough to cover such an area," the weather service stated.

Head of Russia’s Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring Roman Vilfand told TASS that the combustion products of the wildfires, which accumulate steam and cause rains, are transported by the wind, which is why the rains take place away from the area of the forest fires.

According to the Russian Aerial Forest Fire Center, there are over 300 forest fires active in Russia on an area of 2.8 million hectares.

The major area of wildfires covers Yakutia (1.1 mln hectares), the Krasnoyarsk Region (over 1 mln hectares) and the Irkutsk Region (about 700,000 hectares). About 2,700 people, 390 ground equipment units and 28 aircrafts are involved in extinguishing the wildfires.