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Preliminary analysis shows Kerch college shooter might have had mental disorder

A source said further investigation is "to produce an answer"

MOSCOW, October 22. /TASS/. Vladislav Roslyakov, the college student, who last week detonated a bomb in his technical college in Kerch and then went on a shooting rampage killing and injuring fellow students and teachers and eventually committing suicide might have suffered a mental disorder, although he had never been under psychiatric supervision, a source in the law enforcement has told TASS.

"A posthumous psychological and psychiatric examination may produce a more accurate picture, but the preliminary analysis of his behavior, including the impressions shared by his acquaintances and teachers and the character references, indicate that he had mental deviations. The question is how he was able to obtain a medical certificate necessary for permission to own firearms. A further investigation will provide an answer," the source said.

He recalled that the young man was a somber, unsociable person, who had no friends. Two years ago, when he was still 16, Roslyakov had dropped off of social networks. For the past two years, he had registered himself in various groups under a fictitious nickname.

"He took a great interest in violence and Nazi-related subjects. He was obsessed with videos of violence and executions. Also, he surfed the Internet for instructions on making explosives," sources in the law enforcement said.

Forensic psychiatrist Mikhail Vinogradov told TASS he saw several indications the young man had a mental disorder.

"According to media reports, back in his childhood he had displayed cruelty to animals. This was the first alarm bell that should’ve prompted his parents to take the boy to a psychiatrist and keep him under medical supervision," he stated.

On October 17, a student of the Kerch Polytechnic College, armed with a rifle and explosives, detonated a makeshift bomb in the canteen and opened fire on his fellow students inside the college building, killing 20. The school shooter later turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. Subsequently, a criminal case was initially opened on terrorism charges, but was later reclassified as murder.