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Russia not the one to be afraid of anything — Putin

Russia is not afraid of China as a competitor in the global economy, Vladimir Putin stresses

BEIJING, May 15. /TASS/. Russia is not afraid of China as a competitor in the global economy, when cooperating with Beijing, Moscow accepts only what is good for it, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference as part of the Belt and Road international economic forum in Beijing.

"Russia is not a country that is afraid of anything, and certainly, China's actions are not aimed at any kind of absorption. We take decisions together, and we do not take decisions that are harmful to us" We agree only with such proposals that will be good for us," Putin said.

According to the Russian leader, "it's a sin not to use" the opportunities that emerge as a result of cooperation with China.

"Russia is a country which is open to cooperation with all countries, and China shows the same openness to the whole world today," Putin said.

The President said that on the first day of the Belt and Road forum in Beijing he met with representatives of large foreign business, including European ones. According to Putin, foreign businessmen noted that today "China shows greater openness and commitment to an open economy than countries that are always seen as driving forces of the world economy."

Russia-China trade cooperation

Russia and China are moving in the right direction regarding trade structure optimization, he went on.

"The structure of trade turnover (between Russia and China - TASS) is more important for us," he said, adding that the partners are "moving in the right direction here."

According to Putin, the two countries’ trade turnover went up 4% last year, and surged almost 40% in the first 2-3 months of 2017. "This is a very serious positive move ahead," he said. "The structure has had positive changes over the past 2-3 years," President said, adding that Russia has raised supplies of cars and agricultural equipment to the Chinese market.

Putin also noted cooperation in space and aviation industries, and highly appreciated the military and technical partnership, saying that "this cooperation is getting more and more advanced.".

The cooperation between Russia and China on the Power of Siberia natural gas pipeline goes as planned, the president went on. 

"The work on the Power of Siberia is going absolutely according to the schedule, there are no price disputes here, almost everything has been settled," Putin said. "In this regard we feel secure and confident. Frankly speaking, we’re not even scared with prices as we’ll solve all problems filling (gaps) with volumes," he added.

Anti-terrorism efforts

Putin said Russian-Chinese social and economic development projects were helping to eradicate the root causes of terrorism.

"Of course, the implementation of the plans of social and economic development in the world, in its separate regions should undoubtedly have a favorable effect on the situation in problem areas on our planet," the Russian leader said at a press conference.

"This action is precisely aimed at eradicating the root causes that generate terrorism and other similar manifestations," Putin said.

As the head of the Russian state said, the final goal of these projects is to provide more stable development, improve citizens’ incomes and raise the level of health care and education.

Putin noted that for Russia and China this was also giving confidence that the joint projects of both countries would be joined by other participants in international cooperation.

Putin mentioned the idea of creating a large energy ring in Asia among such projects, which other countries could join.