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Russia to start replacing Ratnik combat gear with next-generation outfit from 2020

The Sotnik combat gear will get ‘anti-mine boots,’ anti-thermal clothing to hide the soldier from infrared sensors and the anti-radar suit

KUBINKA /Moscow Region/, June 26. /TASS/. Russia’s Central Research Institute of Precision Machine-Building (TsNIITochMash) will start work on the Sotnik next-generation soldier’s combat gear in 2020. The outfit was earlier known as the Ratnik-3, the state hi-tech corporation Rostec said in a press release circulated on Wednesday.

"TsNIITochMash (part of Rostec corporation) plans to start R&D work in 2020 on creating the third-generation all-arms force combat gear. The outfit intended to replace the Ratnik will get the name of Sotnik," the corporation’s press office said.

The next-generation combat gear will get some ‘breakthrough’ elements: ‘anti-mine boots,’ anti-thermal clothing to hide the soldier from infrared sensors and the anti-radar suit. Besides, the Sotnik combat gear is set to integrate micro-drones linked with the tactical-level automated command and control system. Their cameras will project images to the helmet visor or protective goggles. Electronic goggles will also show commands, terrain maps and other elements.

"Under the plans, the Sotnik third-generation outfit is due to replace the Ratnik already in 2025. This will be a principally new outfit to integrate the best hi-tech innovations of Russian enterprises, including Rostec companies. Thanks to the use of innovative materials and the combined functions of some elements, the outfit’s weight will be cut by 20% to about 20 kg," the press office quoted Rostec CEO Sergei Chemezov as saying.

The Sotnik will get the ‘chameleon’ electrically-controlled material developed by Ruselectronics Group. The electro-chromic material is capable of changing colors depending on the camouflaged surface and the environment. The prototype material was for the first time shown on the helmet at the Army-2018 forum.

The Army-2019 international military and technical forum runs at the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center of Russia’s Armed Forces in Kubinka outside Moscow on June 25-30. More than 100 foreign delegations will take part in the event.