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CSTO chief says over 2,000 peacekeepers were deployed for Kazakhstan mission

Russian planes conducted about 110 flights, Stanislav Zas also noted

MOSCOW, January 13. /TASS/. The Russian Aerospace Forces delivered over 2,000 peacekeepers and 250 vehicles to Kazakhstan during the peacekeeping mission in the republic, CSTO Secretary General Stanislav Zas said during the ceremony marking the end of the operation in Almaty on Thursday.

"While assessing the actions of the CSTO peacekeeping forces, it is impossible not to note the precise, well-coordinated actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces transport aviation. Russian planes transported over 2,000 peacekeepers and about 250 vehicles non-stop," Zas said, according to the CSTO Secretariat.

Zas went on to point out that Russian planes conducted about 110 flights.

The CSTO chief underscored that not only military aid but, "first of all, moral support" was of principal importance for Kazakhstan." He noted that the first planes took off within hours after the Collective Security Council decided to provide aid to the Central Asian state.

"Contrary to the negative assessments, disseminated by some of our adversaries, our organization has proven its relevance and efficiency, its ability to act swiftly decisively and efficiently, without delay, which, as we know, at times can mean life or death," Zas stressed. "Each one of our allies contributed to the completion of the objectives within the CSTO force, which includes professionally trained peacekeeping contingents of all Organization member states."

He noted the CSTO fighters’ proficiency that had been fine-tuned over the years through the organization’s joint training exercises, factoring in the experience gained during peacekeeping operations in various regions of the world.

CSTO peacekeepers who stood out from the crowd during the mission in Kazakhstan will receive awards, the secretary general promised.

"Those who have distinguished themselves will merit awards from the CSTO Collective Security Council and the national defense ministries’," Zas said.