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Syria ready to coordinate anti-terrorist policy with world community

It is important to continue the practice of local truces to thwart sallies by terrorists and extremists in Syria and Iraq, Russia's Foreign Minister spokesman Alexander Lukashevich says

MOSCOW, September 11 /ITAR-TASS/. Syrian leaders are ready to coordinate their anti-terrorist policy with the world community in order to remove the terrorist threat in the Middle East, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Alexander Lukashevich told a briefing on Thursday.

“The situation in Syria, where serious fighting is under way, remains tense,” the Russian diplomat said.

Lukashevich spoke about the practice of building underground tunnels, sometimes very close to buildings which have historical importance. “Terrorists have launched a war of mines and roadside bombs, which is increasing civilian casualties,” Lukashevich stressed.

The Russian diplomat said it was important to continue the practice of local truces to thwart sallies by terrorists and extremists. "Representatives of the Syrian authorities have made several public remarks in support of the unanimously adopted UN Security Council resolution 2170 on fighting terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq,” the spokesperson said.

Lukashevich paid special attention to the activities of the Islamic State (IS) organization in Syria. IS militants execute people en masse, engage in human trafficking and acquire property by force in territories under their control.

“The process of imposing pseudo-religious disciplines is under way,” "It is clear that Islamic State militants in Syria are no different from their comrades in arms operating in Iraq. A well-motivated and tough terrorist group is operating on both sides of the border,” the Russian diplomat said.

“It is necessary to fight this evil in compliance with UN Security Council resolutions, respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and Iraq,” Lukashevich said.