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"Their fuel reserves are not enough for a ride along our borders" — Putin on sanctions

Vladimir Putin believes that Russia’s isolation is ruled out and is just an instrument of pressure

MOSCOW, October 12. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that threats of Russia’s international isolation are laughable. He dropped this remark at the Russia Calling forum in Moscow on Thursday, when asked about the purpose of anti-Russian sanctions.

"As far as isolation is concerned. Their fuel reserves and engine endurance are not enough for a ride along our borders," he said.

"What kind of isolation of a country like Russia can ever be possible?" he asked.

Putin stated that Russia’s stance was naked-clear and confirmed by all experts: any restrictions in the economic sphere prompted by political considerations are harmful to all. In his opinion, Russia’s isolation is ruled out and is just an instrument of pressure.

"We believe it is very harmful. We should proceed along a path of compromises, and not of pressure and blackmail," Putin said. "I’ve said a hundred times that we are prepared to search for compromises and we would like very much our partners to treat us accordingly."

"If we succumb to this blackmail, in the final count it will sustain losses in the sphere of the economy," he said.

"Russia cannot permit this because otherwise it will not survive," Putin concluded.

Sanctions affect Russia in terms of access to technology

The president has ponted out that sanctions affected the Russian economy in terms of access to technology, but they also hurt the countries that introduced them.

"We repeat it like a mantra - the notorious sanctions do not have a great effect on us," he said. "They do have effect! I see the primal threat in restrictions in access to technology," Putin added.

"This, by the way, is detrimental not only to the Russian economy, but to the global economy in general, because the Russian economy certainly is an important part of the global economy," Putin said. "So those who do it, harm themselves in the end," he added.

He noted that a key task of the government is to prepare a list of measures to improve the skills of Russian workers, who must meet international standards.

Putin pointed out the need to develop opportunities for economic growth, in particular through the territories with special tax regime, development institutions and various benefits. According to the president, it is necessary to improve the quality of these instruments, not expand their number.