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Russia's victory to mark new step toward integration of Great North — ex-presidential aide

Vladislav Surkov noted that, "a tumultuous reaction from the synthesis of civilizations is taking place before our eyes"

MOSCOW, September 27. /TASS/. A victory for Russia will change both the country itself and the collective West, sparking a lengthy transformation ultimately leading to the establishment of a triumvirate of Russia, the United States and Europe, in which Russia will play a leading role, former Russian Presidential Aide Vladislav Surkov wrote in an article titled "Birth of the North."

"Our victory will change both us and the so-called West. It will be a new step toward the integration of the Great North, where our country will act as a co-leader of a global triumvirate," he wrote, emphasizing that Russia, the United States and Europe will form a common socio-cultural space in the future," a tripartite northern geopolitical cluster.

Surkov noted that, "a tumultuous reaction from the synthesis of civilizations is taking place before our eyes." "It will result in all that is false becoming residual, and the dissolution of both the West and the East into the Great North. All participants in this process are undergoing, and will continue to undergo more than once, tragic transformations until they begin to dovetail with each other for [carrying out] a joint historical project. This [historical process] has already taken centuries and will take many decades more," he predicted. According to Surkov’s assessment, the chance to build a grand northern alliance was lost in the early 2000s, when Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that the Americans consider the possibility of Russia joining NATO.

"The proposal was rejected. Most likely because of the fear that Moscow would be able to challenge Washington's hegemony inside the new security framework and seize leverage over the 'junior' members of the alliance," the author of the article stated. He emphasized that such proposals are not made twice, and the US continues to exist in its own world of phobias and delusions, while the EU has yet to become an independent player.

According to Surkov's predictions, the Great North "will be full of contradictions and yet obsessed with the unifying idea of collective leadership." Nevertheless, he is convinced that "a common future is preordained by common roots."