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Russian-language TV channel launched in China

The new TV channel will broadcast mostly movies and documentaries

MOSCOW, November 1. /TASS/. A Russian-language TV channel with Chinese subtitles, named Katyusha, has been launched in China, the press service of Russia’s Channel One said in a statement on Wednesday.

"On November 1, Beijing hosted a ceremony for announcing the results of the Russia-China Year of Culture," the statement said, adding that the two countries prime ministers, Dmitry Medvedev and Li Keqiang had attended the event. "The launch of the first Russian-language TV channel with Chinese subtitles is one of the most important bilateral achievements, it is a joint project by Russia’s Channel One and CTV-Satellite TV Program, a subsidiary of China Central Television," the press service added.

Now the best cultural and educational programs made by Channel One will be available in China, as well as the finest Soviet and Russian movies.

The new TV channel will broadcast mostly movies and documentaries, Russian soap operas, TV shows, music programs, programs telling about the tourism capabilities of Russia’s regions and concerts by Russian artists popular in China.

"Many programs will be dedicated to talented people who contributed a lot to Russia’s development, including Gagarin, Brodsky, Stanislavsky, Plisetskaya, Tikhonov and numerous others," the Channel One’s press service noted.

Besides, there will also be programs for kids.