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Strategic submarines Borei to enhance Russia’s nuclear potential — Navy’s commander

Currently, the Russian Navy incorporates three strategic nuclear-powered Borei submarines

MOSCOW, December 12. /TASS/. The potential of Russia’s naval nuclear force will grow as more nuclear-powered Borei project submarines continue to be built, the Navy’s commander-in-chief Admiral Vladimir Korolyov said on Tuesday.

"Maintaining the combat potential of the strategic naval force by commissioning Borei-A and Borei-B missile-carrying submarines at the proper level will be the main guideline for the fleet’s development," Korolyov said at a joint meeting of the coordinating council of veterans’ organizations and the Navy’s command.

Korolyov briefed the Navy’s veterans on the outlook for the development of the Russian Navy under the state program for armaments in 2018-2027. There are plans for building up the combat potential of the general purpose forces by creating ships for operations in the ocean, distant sea and littoral zones, upgrading vessels currently in service, providing advanced aircraft for Russia’s Naval Aviation and coastal missile complexes for the on-shore naval units, and increasing the groups of ships carrying high accuracy weapons."

As the chief of Russia’s General Staff General Valery Gerasimov said earlier, work is already in progress on creating strategic nuclear-powered Borei-B submarines.

Currently, the Russian Navy incorporates three strategic nuclear-powered Borei submarines (project 955) - The Yuri Dolgoruky, The Aleksandr Nevsky, and The Vladimir Monomakh. They are armed with solid propellant inter-continental ballistic missiles Bulava. Each submarine can carry up to sixteen such missiles. Another five Borei-A submarines are being built. The keel of the last submarine in the series, The Knyaz Pozharsky, was laid in December last year.

Earlier, the CEO of the Central Design Bureau Rubin, which developed Borei, Igor Vilnit, told TASS the project would be worked on further after the series of upgraded submarines Borei-A was delivered.