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Russia to demonstrate Checkmate, MiG-35 mockups in Saudi Arabia

Other exhibits include upgraded Il-76MD-90A airlifter painted in new corporate UAC colors

MOSCOW, February 2. /TASS/. The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) said it would demonstrate mockups of Checkmate Su-75 and MiG-35 jets at the World Defense Show 2024 in Saudi Arabia.

"The United Aircraft Corporation will arrange its image exposition. Visitors will see the products of the corporation, in particular Su-75 Checkmate and MiG-35 aircraft mockups," it said.

Other exhibits include upgraded Il-76MD-90A airlifter painted in new corporate UAC colors. "It is a deep upgrade of well-known Il-76 airlifter. Despite a similar look, it differs from the predecessor by a reinforced wing made by new technologies and PS-90A-76 engines. The aircraft triggers major interest in the Gulf countries and the Middle East in general," it said.

"We pay specific attention to promoting our flagship airlifter Il-76MD-90A in the region. The UAC is one of the few companies possessing advanced competences in all aircraft construction segments," UAC CEO Yury Slyusar said.

Checkmate single-engine light tactical aircraft of the Sukhoi Company comprises the latest designs, open architecture and unique artificial intelligence technologies. It is a stealth aircraft that carries air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles inside the fuselage. The payload exceeds 7 tons, the speed is Mach 1.8 and the combat radius is three thousand kilometers. The fighter can simultaneously attack six targets. The development batch is to be produced in 2026. The UAC has patented three modifications: one-seat, double-seat and unmanned.

MiG-35 and its two-seater option MiG-35D are designed to destroy air, moving and stationary ground and surface targets in any climate and weather. The two-seater can be used as a training aircraft. The construction is borrowed from multirole shipborne MiG-29K/KUB and MiG-29M/M2. It is distinguished by a bigger payload on nine suspensions, increased fuel reserve, air refueling possibility and a possibility to use the jet as a tanker. The glider is corrosion resistant. MiG-35 has a decreased signature. Normal takeoff weight is 19200 kg, MiG-35D - 19000 kg, maximum takeoff weight is 24500 kg for both options.

Maximum altitude speed is 2100 km/h and 1400 km/h at the ground. Practical ceiling is 16000 meters. One-seater MiG-35 with air-to-air missiles and three suspended fuel tanks has a radius of 1000-1400 km depending on the arms and flight altitude. Two-seater MiG-35D with air-to-air missiles and three suspended fuel tanks has a range of 900-1300 km, with air-to-surface missiles and three fuel tanks - 750-1050 km. Maximum overload for both options is 9G.

The onboard radar detects and tracks 10-30 targets at a distance of 160 km and allows simultaneously destroying up to six air and four ground targets.

Il-76MD-90A is an upgraded Il-76 (Candid by NATO classification). A new navigational complex, automatic controls and communications increase flight safety and airdrop precision. The latest modification is distinguished by new equipment, including a glass cockpit, modern PS-90A-76 engines, a modified wing and reinforced chassis. The flying range is five thousand kilometers with a 52-ton payload.