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UAC patents modular Checkmate with replaceable cockpits

It is noted that the universal platform will "radically change functions of the whole aviation complex while keeping the transportation capabilities of the basic platform unchanged"

MOSCOW, December 6. /TASS/. The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) patented a modular modification of Su-75 Checkmate light tactical fighter jet that allows replacing the cockpit from single-seat to double-seat or unmanned options depending on the mission.

The patent obtained by TASS describes the aircraft as a "single-engine tactical jet with a small radar signature." The design and the description correspond to the previously published official images.

"The modification is possible due to the change of the head of the fuselage, which is most loaded with onboard equipment complexes. The fuselage comprises the basic transportation platform and at least two replaceable heads of the fuselage. The replaceable modules of the fuselage head have various functions, equipment and exterior appearance, which do not affect the aerodynamic and radar parameters of the aircraft: single (or double-seat) cockpit of a manned aircraft, the cockpit of an unmanned aircraft and others," the patent said.

The universal platform will "radically change functions of the whole aviation complex while keeping the transportation capabilities of the basic platform unchanged," the patent said. The replaceable cockpits are fixed to the basic part of the fuselage, which has the connectors and nipples of electric, hydro and other systems compatible with the connectors and nipples of the replaceable part.

"At present, military aircraft fulfil numerous missions. A broad fleet of various aircraft is necessary and demands major material and labor costs. The fulfilment of all missions by one aircraft decreases its engagement effectiveness. To reduce costs, it is necessary to modify one aircraft for various missions according to the technical base of operating organizations," it said.

The cockpit carries most equipment. For reconnaissance missions, it is possible to install an unmanned cockpit and prolong the flight endurance due to a lighter weight. "The replacement of basic modules depending on the mission and engagement conditions helps increase the aircraft engagement efficiency to the maximum and expand the range of missions fulfilled by the operator at a given time," the designer said.

Checkmate single-engine light tactical aircraft of the Sukhoi Company comprises the latest designs, open architecture and unique artificial intelligence technologies. It is a stealth aircraft that carries air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles inside the fuselage. The payload exceeds 7 tons, the speed is Mach 1.8 and the combat radius is three thousand kilometers. The fighter can simultaneously attack six targets. The development batch of the fighter jet is expected in 2026.