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Russian, Indian Navies set for joint drills in Baltic Sea

Russia and India signed contracts in November 2018 on the delivery of four Project 11356 frigates

KALININGRAD, November 25. /TASS/. The Russian and Indian Navies may hold joint drills in the Baltic Sea, following a meeting of their representatives at the headquarters of Russia’s Baltic Fleet, the Fleet’s press office reported on Wednesday.

"During a meeting of the Indian military delegation led by Naval Attache at the Embassy of the Republic of India in Russia Commodore Manish Chadha with Baltic Fleet Commander Admiral Alexander Nosatov, the Indian side expressed its wish to hold joint drills of the fleets of both countries in the Baltic Sea and take part in the events of celebrating Russia’s Navy Day in 2021," the press office said in a statement.

The meeting also discussed the issues of bilateral naval cooperation and joint drills. The Baltic Fleet commander noted the Indian naval sailors’ high skills demonstrated, in particular, during the Indra-2019 Russian-Indian naval anti-piracy maneuvers held in the Indian Ocean in December 2019, the statement says.

The level of interaction between the Navies of both countries is very high and should be developed further. This will be facilitated by new joint drills, which the Indian side proposes holding in the Baltic Sea. India’s representative pointed out.

At their meeting, the Russian and Indian delegations also discussed bilateral interaction in building warships for the Indian Navy at Russian shipyards and holding their trials at Baltic Sea ranges. Currently, Russia’s Yantar Shipyard on the Baltic coast in Kaliningrad has laid down two frigates for the Indian Navy, the press office reported.

Russia and India signed contracts in November 2018 on the delivery of four Project 11356 frigates. Under the deal, two frigates will be built at Russia’s Yantar Shipyard on the Baltic coast (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) and the other two at India’s Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL).

Project 11356 frigates are designed to deliver strikes against enemy surface ships and submarines in coastal and oceanic zones and fight air targets both independently and as part of a naval group. The warships of this type are armed with A-190 100mm artillery guns, striking missile and air defense systems, including Kalibr and Shtil weapons and torpedo armament. The frigates displace 3,620 tonnes, are 124.8 meters long, develop a speed of 30 knots and have an operating range of 4,850 miles. The frigates can carry a Ka-27 helicopter and its modification.