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T-15 Armata heavy combat vehicle to take part in Victory Parade in Moscow’s Red Square

Armed with the new module, the combat vehicles are capable of firing from a halt, on the move and on the float

LUCKNOW /India/, February 5. /TASS/. The T-15 Armata heavy infantry fighting vehicle with the latest AU-220M combat module will take part in the Victory Day Parade in Moscow’s Red Square, CEO of the Burevestnik Central Research Institute (part of Uralvagonzavod manufacturer within the state hi-tech corporation Rostec) Georgy Zakamennykh said on Wednesday.

"The module is mounted on the Armata heavy infantry fighting vehicle and I can say that at the upcoming jubilee Victory Day Parade it will be demonstrated as part of a unit of Armata IFVs," the chief executive said at the Defexpo 2020 arms exhibition in India.

According to the data of the Uralvagonzavod press office, the AU-220M is an unmanned cannon and machine-gun module. It is designed to serve as the armament for various combat vehicles, first of all, infantry fighting vehicles both operational (upon their upgrade) and new hardware based on the Armata, Kurganets-25 and Bumerang platforms. The module can be used as the armament of small-displacement ships and boats.

The gun mount has a circular rotation and a firing range of up to 14.5 km with a maximum rate of fire of 80 rounds per minute. The ammunition load includes 80 unitary 57mm munitions: multifunctional remote-controlled, armor-piercing and guided projectiles, which allows effectively striking small-size unmanned aerial vehicles, low-flying aircraft and helicopters, and also land-based light-armored hardware and field fortifications.

Armed with the new module, the combat vehicles are capable of firing from a halt, on the move and on the float, at any time of day or night and in any weather conditions.

The possibility of the weapon’s remote control through communications channels allows coping with a whole range of combat assignments in a robotized manner without the crew’s direct participation. The AU-220M combat module mounted on light-and medium-category armored vehicles will help considerably boost their combat potential.