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Trump vows to settle conflict in Ukraine before his inauguration

He also pledged to prevent World War Three

NEW YORK, June 23. /TASS/. Former US President Donald Trump told his supporters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that he will resolve the Ukrainian conflict before inauguration if he wins the upcoming presidential election.

The inauguration of the US president-elect is expected to be held before January 20, 2025.

"Before I even arrive at the Oval Office, shortly after, we win the presidency, I will have the horrible [conflict] between Russia and Ukraine settled," he said.

He also pledged to prevent World War Three.

The US will hold a presidential election on November 5. Former US leader Donald Trump has already garnered the necessary number of primary votes to clinch the Republican nomination. Incumbent US President Joe Biden, running for re-election, won Democratic primaries in New Jersey and Washington, DC, in some of the last contests earlier this month.