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Ukraine’s invasion of Transnistria to be aggression against Moldova, ex-president says

Earlier, Russian Defense Ministry reported that in the near future the Kiev regime plotting a provocation against Transnistria

CHISINAU, February 23. /TASS/. Ex-Moldovan President Igor Dodon has voiced concerns over reports of a possible provocation against Transnistria by Ukraine, warning that any military incursion would be deemed as aggression against Moldova.

"Any step by Ukraine towards Transnistria will be aggression against the Republic of Moldova. Ukraine will immediately become an aggressor," Dodon told reporters on Thursday.

The politician said he opposes a military solution of the Transnistrian issue. "We don’t need your assistance on Transnistria, deal with your own matters. We will deal with Transnistria ourselves, this is our territory, our country and we will solve this problem peacefully. Not the way they want, namely by deploying forces and so on," the ex-president said.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that in the near future the Kiev regime was plotting a provocation against Transnistria carried out by the Ukrainian forces and members of the Azov nationalist battalion (outlawed in Russia). It specified that a staged invasion allegedly by Russian troops from Transnistria would be used as a pretext for the invasion. The Defense Ministry also stressed that it was closely monitoring the situation on the border between Ukraine and Transnistria and was ready to respond to any developments.

The Moldovan government has not confirmed this information and appealed to citizens to be calm. The authorities said in case of any danger they would immediately inform the public.