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DPR leader warns of possible counter-offensive as Kiev forces gather in DPR’s north

The situation in the north of the republic is extremely difficult, Denis Pushilin said

DONETSK, September 23. /TASS/. The Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) leader Denis Pushilin warned on Thursday that the Kiev government was probably preparing for a counter-offensive as it had amassed a serious force close to the DPR’s northern border.

"The situation in the north of the republic is extremely difficult. Alarming signals are coming. The enemy has amassed a serious force there, and it is possible that they would launch a counter-offensive soon in an attempt to turn the tide," Pushilin said in a video address, posted in his Telegram channel.

"The allied forces are doing their best. I remain in control and join in the process wherever possible," he added.

In an earlier interview to Germany’s Bild newspaper, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said his country would not reject plans of a counter-offensive on Donbass amid the partial mobilization in Russia.