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Foreign powers plotting new wave of color revolutions in Asia, warns Chinese top diplomat

Some foreign powers use various pretexts to meddle in the region’s internal affair, Wang Yi said

BEIJING, September 17. /TASS/. Some foreign powers seek to launch a new round of color revolutions in Asia, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in his interview for Xinhua Thursday in the wake of his visit to Russia.

"Recently, relations between China and its neighboring countries have been developing in a positive direction. At the same time, global instability has been on the rise, and global security faces new challenges and threats. International terror organizations and the ‘three powers of evil’ [terrorism, extremism, and separatism] have ramped up their activities in the region," he specified.

"Some foreign powers use various pretexts to meddle in the region’s internal affair and even seek to launch a new wave of color revolutions," the top diplomat continued. "A the same time, in a bid to retain the unipolar supremacy, [some foreign powers] come up with all sort of lies, deliberately defame China, Russia and other rapidly developing countries, they exert unjustified pressure, even forcing some countries to choose its allies, seeking to start a new Cold War," Wang Yi said.

According to the foreign minister, "such behavior, which undermines the boundaries of the international relations, does not comply with common interests of the countries of the world," and "such actions will not be approved by the international community and, undoubtedly, will leave an inglorious trace in history."

Wang Yi also noted that "Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia are important neighbors of Northwestern China."

"China pays a lot of attention to the situation in the region and honestly hopes for long-term stability, development and prosperity of all countries [of the region]," he concluded.