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Putin emphasizes need to abandon rule of force to resolve situation on Korean Peninsula

The Russian peresident believes "it is eventually possible"

VLADIVOSTOK, April 25. /TASS/. All interested parties need to abandon the rule of force on the global level and show respect for each other’s interests in order to resolve the situation on the Korean Peninsula, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters following talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

"I think it is eventually possible," Putin said when asked if it was possible to resolve the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

The Russian president pointed out that it had been possible back in 2005, when Pyongyang and Washington had made an agreement, though the US later attempted to add several provisions to the document, which caused North Korea to withdraw from the agreement. "If we act the same way, taking a step forward and two steps back, then we won’t achieve the desired result," Putin pointed out. According to him, "it is eventually possible to reach this goal [resolving the situation on the Korean Peninsula - TASS]" provided that all involved parties act carefully and slowly, "showing respect to each other and each other’s interests."

"Restoring the rule of international law is crucial, we have discussed it during today’s talks, there is a need to restore a situation where international law and not the rule of force regulates global developments. If we succeed in achieving this goal, it will be the first step, the most important step on the way to resolving complicated situations such as on the Korean Peninsula," Putin said.

"What does denuclearization mean? In fact, it means North Korea’s disarmament," the Russian president noted. He added that both Moscow and Pyongyang believed that North Korea "needs security and sovereignty guarantees." "And what other guarantees can there be, apart from those based on international law?" Putin said. In his view, it is premature to talk about what guarantees would be substantive and in line with North Korea’s interests, but "there is a need to take the first steps to build trust.".