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Historic St. Petersburg manor home to Russian nobility up for sale with $7 mln price tag

The latest major renovation took place in 1863
Palace Embankment in St. Petersburg Yuri Belinsky/TASS
Palace Embankment in St. Petersburg
© Yuri Belinsky/TASS

ST. PETERSBURG, July 31. /TASS/. A mansion in central St. Petersburg in which the families of renowned Russian noblemen Naryshkin and Dolgorukov lived at various points in time will be put up for sale at a starting price of 415 million rubles ($7 million), the press service of the Russian Auction House said on Monday.

"The Russian Auction House is preparing the sale of an historic 18th century mansion of Vice Admiral Zakhar Mishukov on the Palace Embankment. At the present time, the building is being rented by the Taiga Art Space. At different times, it was home to Peter the Great’s intendant Pyotr Moshkov, as well as to the families of noblemen Naryshkin and Dolgorukov," the report said.

It said the mansion is a cultural heritage site, but protection obligations involve only its facade overlooking the Palace Embankment. "The facility has a flattering location and view. The windows of the main fa·ade have a picturesque view of the Neva River and the Peter and Paul Fortress," the press service quoted the deputy head of the Russian Auction House’s commercial department, Yulia Akimova, as saying.

"The future owner can lease the building and earn stable revenues or use it for his own needs, for example a company's representative office or a hotel," she added.

The building is one among a few others nearby that have conserved their original look. The latest major renovation took place in 1863, the press service said.

The Naryshkin family is a Russian noble family to which Peter the Great’s mother Natalya belonged. Dolgorukov or Dolgorukiy family was a Russian princely family descending from Prince Mikhail Chernigovsky.