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Putin spotlights German author whose new book dispels myths and stereotypes about Russia

The book’s presentation is being held at TASS on Tuesday

MOSCOW, April 20. /TASS/. Stereotypes and propagandistic cliches about Russia are far from the real perception of the country by foreigners who have visited it and who aim to provide an objective assessment of its problems and achievements, according to a foreword written by Russian President Vladimir Putin for the Russian edition of "Learning to Love Russia" by Hans-Joachim Frey, a German cultural manager and director.

The book’s presentation is being held at TASS on Tuesday.

"The Russian reader is given the opportunity to view modern life, the values and aspirations of the Russian people through the eyes of a German public figure. You’ll grasp how artificially imposed stereotypes and propagandistic cliches are far from the real perception of people who have visited Russia, and who aim to objectively evaluate its problems and achievements," Putin stressed.

The Russian head of state called Frey a true friend and a connoisseur of Russia’s history and traditions, noting that he is doing a lot to promote humanitarian cooperation between Russia and Germany. The Russian president stressed that the fruitful and creative work of the director and producer was reflected in the pages of his book.

Putin pointed out that many times, the book’s author "is highlighting the way human destinies are closely intertwined, and how the two great European cultures - both Russian and German - mutually influence each other." "In many ways, this is what has helped us make sense of the most dramatic pages of the past and to resolve the very difficult issue of a historic truce after the Second World War," the Russian president wrote. Putin concluded that "today, the dialogue between civil societies, and the contacts in humanitarian areas" are what brings the Russian and German people closer together.

Frey is a director and a cultural manager. He is the director of the Sirius Education Center Talent and Success Foundation in Sochi. He also serves as an advisor to the director general of the Bolshoi Theater.