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Putin offers condolences over death of Larry King - Kremlin

King interviewed Putin many times

MOSCOW, January 23. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered his condolences over the death of US journalist Larry King, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Saturday.

"They met many times. King interviewed Putin many times. The president always appreciated his highest professionalism and unquestionable journalistic reputation," Peskov told reporters.

A tweet posted on King’s Twitter account on Saturday says that he passed away at the age of 87. The veteran television host was said to have died in a LA hospital, but the cause of his death is not mentioned.

On January 2, CNN reported that the journalist had been hospitalized with COVID-19.

Born Lawrence Harvey Zeiger on November 19, 1933 in New York, Larry King was brought up in a family of Jewish immigrants, who had come from Belarus. He hosted his talk show "Larry King Live" on CNN for 25 years. His show was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as "the longest-running show with the same host in the same time slot."

During his carrier, King conducted, according to various estimates, from 50,000 to 60,000 on-air interviews. He interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin (in 2000 and 2010) and the Soviet Union’s first President Mikhail Gorbachev (in 2008) as well as every sitting US president from Richard Nixon, and Margaret Thatcher, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, Mike Tyson, Stevie Wonder, and Paul McCartney. In 2010 King announced his retirement from TV, but in 2013 he began hosting Larry King Now on RT America. He hosted Larry King Now and PoliticKING with Larry King on Ora TV.