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COVID-19 to encourage formation of new healthcare pattern in Russia — Accounts Chamber

MOSCOW, May 6. /TASS/. The coronavirus pandemic should encourage the Russian leadership to form a new pattern of healthcare system and main social and economic institutions, Deputy Chairman of the Accounts Chamber Galina Izotova told TASS.

"Overall, the situation around the pandemic should encourage the state to form a new sustainable pattern of healthcare and main social and economic institutions," she said.

"It is also important to provide and entrench obligatory measures of social distancing at the early stages of easing restrictions, encourage companies to further move employees to remote work, whereas in the fields where it is impossible it is necessary to ensure strict occupational health and safety compliance. Meanwhile the most vulnerable social groups should be protected within a longer period. Citizens with confirmed coronavirus should be quarantined after easing restrictions as well, receiving adequate treatment," Deputy Chairman of the Accounts Chamber noted.