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Overwhelming majority of Russians approve of Putin’s performance, poll indicates

Vladimir Putin will be inaugurated as Russian president on May 7

MOSCOW, May 7. /TASS/. A total of 82% of Russians approve of President Vladimir Putin’s achievements, according to a poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center and released on the organization’s website on Monday.

"As many as 82% of Russians approve of the president’s work now, according to polls conducted on May 2-3, 2018 (women, elderly respondents, rural residents and wealthy people tend to respond positively more often than other groups,)" the center said in a report. According to sociologists, the president’s performance rate has remained high since 2014. Those expressing disapproval have been teetering at around 11-13% in recent years (the May data of 2016 - 2018).

Vladimir Putin will be inaugurated as Russian president on Monday. He will undergo the inauguration ceremony for the fourth time and will take the reins as Russia’s head of state for the next six years.

Putin’s landslide victory at the March election - his fourth run for the presidency - turned out to be his best ever result: 76.7% of voters, or 56.43 million people, cast their votes for him. In 2000, this figure was 52.9% (39.7 million people), and in 2004, 71.3%, or 49.5 million voters. At the 2012 election, 45.6 million Russians (63.6%) backed Putin.

The state-run pollster conducted the survey in April - May 2018 among a daily random national sample of 1,000 people and margin of sampling error of no more than 3.2% with a 95% probability (for one day), 2.2% (for two days) and 1.8% (for three days).