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Scientists: 'Liquid breathing' technology can save people's lives

However, it is still impossible to create a diver’s suit using the technology of “liquid breathing” with the modern level of technical development

MOSCOW, April 28. /TASS/. Scientists believe that the technology of “liquid breathing” can be used for saving people’s lives.

Earlier it was approved to realize a blueprint, which involves the creation of a technology of rescuing submariners. To do this, scientists will apply buoyant ascent by using the method of “liquid breathing”.

“The technology of liquid pulmonary ventilation can be used to rescue spluttered people,” Philippe Micheau, the specialist in liquid ventilation from the Sherbrooke University in Canada told TASS .

“I can submit an opportunity of using this method in clinical practice so that we could rescue spluttered people (in case of acute respiratory failure), flush lungs or quickly lower the body temperature [it is applied in cases of reanimation in order to prevent heart from arresting, when the matter concerns newborns and adults with hypoxic-ischemic cerebral affection – note of TASS]”, he said.

Earlier in April Scientific - Technical Council from the Fund Advance Research (FAR) approved the blueprint, which involves the creation of a technology for rescuing submariners by using the buoyant ascent and the method of “liquid breathing”.  The Scientific and Research Institute of labor medicine is in charge of this project.

Scientists and inventors have already tried to use liquid to provide lungs with oxygen. In the middle of XX century they started the experiments and proved that we could provide lungs of animals and humans with oxygen by using perfluorocarbons – hydrocarbons. In their molecules all hydrogen atoms are replaced by fluoro atoms. The idea of creation diver's suits with the technology of lungs liquid ventilation became the most famous. For example, some kind of such device was patented in 2008 by Arnold Lande from the USA. However, such technology is the least workable in its present form.

“I don’t like the idea of “liquid breathing” at all. We need a system which is able to pump and to derive perfluorocarbons effectively in and out of animal lungs. We won’t manage to create complete liquid ventilation without a controllable injection system. For many reasons I can’t be sure enough in “liquid breathing” and I have serious doubts. I have to conclude that it is impossible to create a diver’s suit using the technology of “liquid breathing” considering the modern level of technical development”, said Micheau.