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Kalashnikov arms manufacturer will not appeal US sanctions — CEO

The concern is not going to take any steps in that direction because there is no chance for the sanctions to be lifted and the money may just be wasted on legal services, Kalshnikovs's CEO says

MOSCOW, December 8. /TASS/. Russia’s firearms manufacturer Kalashnikov will not appeal the US sanctions that blocked the supplies of its products to the US market, the concern’s CEO, Alexey Krivoruchko, told the daily Kommersant.

“We have studied the issue. The current situation as it is, the chances of having the sanctions lifted are equal to nought. We may just waste money on legal services. For this reason we are not going to take any steps in this direction,” Krivoruchko said, when asked about the possibility of protesting restrictions on the export of Kalashnikov products to the United States.

“I must say that the sanctions have hit not only us, but our foreign customers, too. We are hoping the sanctions will be cancelled and Kalashnikov will be able to get back to the US market,” he added.

Krivoruchko said Russian firearms manufacturers were prepared to offer some new selections, such as Saiga-9, Saiga-12 and Saiga-107 shotguns, “which have already aroused US customers’ keen interest.”

Kalashnikov fell under US sanctions in the middle of last summer. The ban caused great commotion on the US firearms market. The Secretary of the Treasury had to explain that the restrictions would apply only to the conclusion of new contracts.