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Amnesty International report reflects human rights breaches in US, Turkey

According to the Russian human rights ombudsman, the report at the same time ignores numerous facts of human rights violations by official Kiev

MOSCOW, February 26. /TASS/. The Amnesty International report reflects current systemic problems in the United States and deterioration in the human rights situation in Turkey, Russian Foreign Ministry Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law Konstantin Dolgov told TASS on Friday, commenting on the organization’s report.

"The report again reflects systemic problems in the United States: the Guantanamo jail keeps operating; capital punishment has not been abolished; executors of gruesome tortures within the CIA program of illegal detentions and the US police use arms against unarmed citizens," Dolgov said.

"It is pointed out that the US has accepted three thirds of recommendations out of the record 343 cases made public by the UN Human Rights Council’s latest Universal Periodic Review in regard to the US," he said.

Besides, Dolgov said that the "report records a visible deterioration of the human rights situation in Turkey, with the ongoing degradation of the freedom to expression and freedom to peaceful gatherings."

"Cases of abuse of power and brutal treatment by the police have been on the rise along with the weaker independence of judicial power," the diplomat said.

Amnesty International report ignores facts of human rights violations by Kiev

According to Dolgov, the Amnesty International report about violations of human rights across the world ignores numerous facts of human rights violations by official Kiev.

"Amnesty International confirms conclusions, which were made earlier by international human rights bodies in the format of the United Nations, the Council of Europe and OSCE, on the lack of any signs that testifying Ukraine’s authorities have been carrying out an effective and unbiased investigation into the crimes committed in Maidan and Odessa along with a punitive operation in the country’s east," Dolgov said.

"Apart from that, a vast number of examples have been omitted which substantiate the rudest violations of human rights, the rule of the law and international humanitarian law by Ukraine’s authorities, which resulted in the ongoing catastrophic situation in humanitarian and human rights spheres in Donbass, according to international organizations’ estimates," he said.

"Political censorship and crackdown on dissent, political prisoners, arrests and dispersal of peaceful demonstrations, missing people, voluntary detentions, tortures and brutal treatment, unprecedented suppression of press freedom and freedom to speech and violations of Ukrainians’ electoral rights have not been reflected in the report," the Russian diplomat said.

Dolgov is certain that Amnesty International remarks "that in the government-controlled territory presumably the press freedom has been in effect are nothing but laughable."

The report "has ignored a series of outrageous incidents violating religious freedoms registered throughout 2015 and into 2016 when nationalists and radicals attacked and seized dozens of churches owned by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church reporting to the Moscow Patriarchate, sometimes with direct support and participation of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies," Dolgov said.

Amnesty International report’s section on Russia stuffed with politicized cliches

 The report's section dedicated to Russia is stuffed with politicized cliches, Konstantin Dolgov told TASS.

"In general, the report produces an ambiguous impression," he said. "I have to say it is biased and selective. As for the Russia-dedicated section, the picture offered by Amnesty International is so distorted and stuffed with ideology-driven clich·s and labels that it is worth no comment."