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Investigators confirm teen convent bomber in intensive care

As a result of the blast, 12 teenagers were injured

MOSCOW, December 13./TASS/ Medics are resuscitating the young man who earlier on Monday detonated a homemade bomb at a convent in Serpukhov, a city in the Moscow Region, Olga Vradiy, spokeswoman for the Investigative Committee’s Main Investigation Department for the Moscow Region told TASS.

"Resuscitation procedures are underway at the hospital," she said.

Earlier, a law enforcement source told TASS that his leg had been torn off in the blast and he was in a critical condition. The young man remained without medical assistance for a long time since medics were waiting for field engineers to search him for the presence of any other explosive devices. No other explosives were found on him.

On Monday morning, a former student possessing a homemade bomb entered the premises of Serpukhov’s convent where the school is located and detonated the device. As a result of the blast, 12 teenagers were injured. According to preliminary information, the perpetrator had been in a dispute with the school’s students and teachers. The source said the young man had also brought along something looking like a machete.

As the law enforcement source noted, the explosion was set off by former student of the school Vladislav Struzhenkov who was into computer games, including shooter action video games.