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Fragments of An-26 crashed near Khabarovsk found — source

The fragments were discovered in the search area

KHABAROVSK, September 23. /TASS/. Fragments of the An-26 plane that went missing near Russia’s Khabarovsk were discovered, a source in emergency services told TASS.

"The fragments were discovered in the search area," the source said.

The Khabarovsk Region joint natural reserve and national park directorate confirmed the reports that the debris of the missing An-26 plane were found.

"The crash site was discovered near the settlement of Korfovsky," the directorate said.

The An-26 disappeared from radars earlier about 38 km away from Khabarovsk. According to reports, the plan that was carrying out a technical flight carried a crew of 6 people. The rescue search and rescue operation involves over 70 people and 20 vehicles.