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Druzhba pipeline leak clean-up to take several more hours — company

According to company’s estimates, removal of contaminants will take several hours more

WARSAW, October 12. /TASS/. Several hours more will be needed to clean up the aftermath of the oil leaks from the Druzhba pipeline, PERN, the operator of the oil line’s segment in Poland, said on Wednesday on its official website.

“All services responsible for clearing up the aftermath of such situations are working at the site. After collecting the oil that leaked from the pipeline, the technical services will immediately take action. They will find out the exact causes of the incident and repair the pipeline,” PERN said.

According to company’s estimates, the removal of contaminants will take several hours more.

Depressurization occurred on Tuesday evening at one of the two strings of the western segment of the Druzhba oil pipeline in Central Poland. The damaged line was immediately shut down, while the other one continues to operate normally along with other infrastructure. The causes of the incident are unknown so far.