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Sniper duet from China sets new record at Army Games in Kazakhstan

The snipers had to overcome 8 obstacles while contesting

MOSCOW, August 9. /TASS/. A sniper pair from China has set a new record of passing the route in the final relay race of the Sniper Frontier contest in south Kazakhstan as part of the 2017 International Army Games, the Russian Central Military District’s press office reported on Wednesday.

"The shooters from China have covered the 1km route with obstacles in 4 minutes and 50 seconds, thus improving by 1 minute the Russian snipers’ result last year," the press office said.

According to the Central Military District’s data, the snipers had to overcome 8 obstacles: two walls, a ditch, a creep site, monkey bars, a dynamic wall, abatis and scattered wheels.

"The servicemen also performed firing for accuracy from the Dragunov sniper rifle and the Makarov pistol at targets at a distance of 300m and 15m, respectively, threw grenades at targets at a distance of 25 meters and transported an ammunition load weighing 16 kg," the press office said.

The international stage of the Sniper Frontier contest of the 2017 Army Games was held at the practice range of the 40th military base of the Kazakhstani armed forces at the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau. Teams from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Venezuela, Greece, Zimbabwe, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Thailand, Uzbekistan and South Africa took part in the contest.