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Russia builds hibernation device letting drones go into pre-hit 'sleeper' mode — developer

Dmitry Kuzyakin specified that the technology allows for drones with hibernation devices to be pre-positioned for an attack and then literally 'fall asleep' for several weeks before being reactivated

MOSCOW, July 19. /TASS/. The Center of Comprehensive Unmanned Solutions has developed a hibernation device for the Joker family of first-person view (FPV) drones, Center CEO Dmitry Kuzyakin told TASS.

"The Center has developed and implemented a hibernation device for FPV drones of the Joker family and its top model, the Ultimatum. A drone with a hibernation device can be pre-positioned for an attack and then literally ‘fall asleep’ for several weeks [before being reactivated]. The hibernating drone would not leave an electronic footprint on the airwaves, [thus making it undetectable]. As a rule, commanding heights and rooftops of buildings or other high-rise structures are selected [as pre-positions for drone attacks]. When the time comes [to launch the attack], the drone would not need to traverse the distance to the target, as it would already be pre-positioned and would only need to become reactivated and go into attack mode," the executive said.

The hibernation device enables reducing attack preparation time for drones to the minimal amount possible, Kuzyakin said. "Flight time is saved. Just a few seconds pass between drone reactivation and the attack, leaving [the adversary] no chance to launch anti-drone systems. One FPV pilot can pre-position drones and then ‘wake them up’ and can sequentially deploy up to fifteen ‘sleeper’ drones," he added.