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At least 500 houses incurred damages from sabotage attack on Belgorod Region — authorities

A Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage group infiltrated Grayvoronsky District, Belgorod Region, on Monday

GRAYVORON, Belgorod Region, May 24. /TASS/. At least 500 houses suffered damages, according to preliminary data, as a result of attacks by a Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage group that infiltrated the Belgorod Region on May 22, regional authorities told reporters on Wednesday.

"If we're talking about purely visual damages, the largest, of course, were in Kozinka (a section of the Grayvoronsky Municipal District - TASS), because they (the Ukrainian saboteurs - TASS) drove equipment into the courtyards [of these homes] and proceeded to dig themselves in there. <…> In Grayvoron alone, according to preliminary estimates, at least 200 facilities were damaged to varying degrees, [including] residential, commercial, industrial and administrative buildings. <…> In a kindergarten in Zamostye, an Uragan warhead is still protruding from a window. All in all, over 500 different houses and stores have been destroyed," Gennady Bondarev, head of the Grayvoronsky Municipal District, said.

He added that reconstruction work had already begun. "Several settlements were left without electricity, but we have already switched on power generators. I think that the gas network will be restored soon as well. We have started collecting applications from residents for repairs to damaged property and cars," Bondarev added.

A Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage group infiltrated Grayvoronsky District, Belgorod Region, on Monday. According to the latest data, 13 civilians were wounded. An elderly woman died during the evacuation of residents. The counterterrorist operational regime, declared in the Belgorod Region on Monday after the Ukrainian saboteurs were detected, has now been revoked. On May 23, Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov said that, during the counterterrorist operation, Russian forces blocked and decimated the Ukrainian nationalist units that had infiltrated the area.