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Russia’s carrier Admiral Kuznetsov said to float out of dry dock soon after mid-February

It is expected that this will happen on February 16-17

MOSCOW, February 4. /TASS/. Russia’s heavy aircraft cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov is scheduled to move from the dry dock on February 16-17, a defense official told TASS.

"The aircraft cruiser will be out of dry dock at the 35th ship repair plant on February 16-17," the official said. The plant is a subsidiary of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC).

The plant's parent company, the Zvyozdochka Ship Repair Center, refused to comment on the report.

The aircraft carrier entered the dry dock at the 35th ship repair plant last May, and work to repair and modernize it was launched in June. It began its journey from drydocking in late December.

USC CEO Alexey Rakhmanov confirmed earlier that the heavy aircraft cruiser would be commissioned in early 2024 after a major overhaul.