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Russian Navy likely to receive serial Lada diesel-electric submarine in 2022 — source

No official confirmation of this data has been received yet

MOSCOW, October 21. / TASS /. The first serial diesel-electric attack submarine Project 677 Lada, developed by the Admiralty Shipyard, is likely to be handed over to the Russian Navy in 2022, a source told TASS on Wednesday.

"The first serial Project 677 Lada submarine is planned to be received in 2022," the source noted.

No official confirmation of this data has been received yet.

Project 677 Lada-class submarines are referred to the fourth generation of diesel-electric subs. They have a surface displacement of about 1,750 tonnes and can develop an underwater speed of up to 21 knots. The Lada-class subs are armed, in particular, with Kalibr cruise missile systems and have a crew of 35. The Saint Petersburg is the lead submarine of this Project. According to the media, it entered the combat strength of the Northern Fleet in September 2021.

The Kronshtadt was laid down in 2005. There were pauses in the sub’s construction that was resumed only in 2013. Currently, the Admiralty Shipyard is building one more Lada-class submarine named Velikiye Luki.