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Russian Army develops system to detect suicide bombers in crowds using Syrian experience

The new system includes a set of sensors, software and a mobile operator’s dashboard, according to the developer

KUBINKA /Moscow Region/, August 26. /TASS/. Servicemen of the Russian Ground Forces' Fifth Scientific Regiment developed a system to detect the so-called suicide belts in crowded areas, using experience gained in Syria. The new system is presented at the Army-2020 international military and technical forum.

The new system includes a set of sensors, software and a mobile operator’s dashboard. It is capable of detecting suicide belts and improvised explosive devices (IEDs), stuffed with shrapnel, on large areas: at mass event venues, crowded places, checkpoints and transport infrastructure.

"If there is a suicide bomber in the crowd, the system will detect them thanks to unique radio frequency signature, characteristic only of suicide belts or IEDs. The operator will receive information about the object’s location, it’s distance to the nearest sensor, and - in case of moving targets - about the target’s movement, which would allow the operator to sound an alarm and give command to neutralize the threat," a representative of the 5th Scientific Regiment and one of the system’s developers told TASS.

According the developer, the system’s creation was prompted by the Syrian experience.

"The work began about 3 years ago, when our servicemen detected and seized a large number of belts and IEDs during transportation of militants, repatriation of refugees and mine defusing operations," the developer said.

The seized suicide belts and improvised explosive devices were studied and catalogued; this led to discovery of features, unique to improvised explosives. "For example, our system will never mix up a terrorist with a man carrying a bag of bolts from a store," the developer said.

He underscored that the system finalizes its tests and will soon be shipped to a security agency.

Scientific regiments

Currently, there are 17 scientific regiments in Russia, involving over 650 people. There are also four scientific and production regiments, involving over 200 people.

The Army-2020 international military-technical forum opened at the Patriot conference and exhibition center on August 23 and will run until August 29. Some demonstrations are underway at the Alabino shooting range, the Kubinka airbase and the Ashuluk range in the Astrakhan Region. The forum’s organizers expect guests from about one hundred countries. More than 1,500 organizations and manufacturers will present about 28,000 exhibits. Nearly 700 pieces of modern weaponry and other military hardware will be on display.