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Kosovo’s authorities seeking to drag Serbia into conflict with NATO — President Vucic

According to the Serbian President, they do not want normalization of relations

BELGRADE, March 10. /TASS/. Kosovo’s authorities do not want any normalization with Serbia and are seeking to drag it into a conflict with NATO, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Friday.

"In the upcoming period, we will find ourselves under extra pressure. They [in Kosovo] keep on detaining and persecuting Serbs every day because their leadership is seeking a conflict. They want Serbia to eb dragged into a conflict with NATO," he said. "They don’t want normalization, they want to humiliate Serbs. But I promise you it will never happen."

Kosovo separatists are using the tactic of "small terror" against the Serb population, with regular attacks on houses and medical establishments, arson, physical attacks, cattle and vehicle thefts. According to Serbian media, male Albanian youths are attacking Serb women with children as well as Orthodox clergymen, and are tossing stones at Serbian pilgrims visiting local holy sites.

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said in mid-January that that more than 300 attacks on ethnic Serbs had been reported in Kosovo and Metohija in the past two years.

Serbia’s Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija unilaterally proclaimed independence in February 2008, which was recognized by the United Nations Court of Justice in 2010. However, more than 60 countries, including Russia, China, India, and five European Union member states are categorically against recognizing Kosovo’s independence.