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Russian director Zvyagintsev’s new film Loveless joins Cannes Film Festival lineup

The Cannes Film Festival artistic director Thierry Fremaux praises the work of Russian director Andrei Zvyagintsev

PARIS, April 13. /TASS/. The latest motion picture by Russian director Andrei Zvyagintsev, Loveless, has been included into the main program of the milestone 70th International Cannes Film Festival, it’s artistic director Thierry Fremaux stated on Thursday.

Fremaux praised the work of the Russian director. "Zvyagintsev is a genuinely great cinematographer who has appeared on the scene in recent years and made a resounding name for himself with Leviathan. And I hope that his new film will clearly demonstrate to everyone in Cannes the real achievement of modern cinema," he added.

According to him, other Russian films taking part in the main competition are Sergei Loznitsa's A Gentle Creature. "The movie is a cinematic journey along Russia’s roads," Fremaux explained.

"We are all proud of our film’s invitation to the world’s most important film festival," said Alexander Rodnyanskiy, one of the producers of Loveless.

"Zvyagintsev is an outstanding Russian artist recognized far beyond his country, each of his films has become a cinematic experience, and I hope that the new one will not be an exception," he added.

According to the producer, in his new film, Zvyagentsev explores the state of modern society, this time, telling a story of a family going through a complicated divorce.

Rodyanskiy emphasized that Loveless had been made without state financing.