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Unveiling the Beauty of Haikou: Hainan’s administrative center opens photo exhibition

The exhibition includes 95 photos

HAIKOU /China/, August 26. /TASS/. The authorities of Hainan have opened an exhibition of professional photos, which capture the most exciting moments of life in Haikou, the administrative center of the southernmost province of the PCR, China Central Television reported.

The exhibition named Unveiling the Beauty of Haikou consists of 95 carefully selected photos. Apart from landscapes, streets and buildings, they show the peculiarities of the local climate, everyday life, as well as traditions and historical specifics of the city.

The exhibition is a follow-up to a photography contest organized by the Haikou Party Committee's press office of the Publicity Department and the Hainan Photographers Association in May. At that time, the jury reviewed more than 11,000 photos sent from many regions of China. As a result, 28 of them were awarded prizes.

Such events are expected to give the Chinese and international public a better idea of the advantages of Haikou, where the tourism industry can be further developed and investment capital can be effectively utilized. According to Ho Wei, secretary-general of the China Society of Entrepreneurial Photographers, these numerous photos will attract even more attention from the business community and tourists to the city.

Li Ge, chairman of the China Photographers Association, said that the authors of Haikou photos were able to "demonstrate its special charm". In turn, Song Gangming, a well-known photographer in China, believes that there are many places in the city where natural conditions make it possible to take "lively and rich photos, showing its modernized and internationalized appearance."

Haikou has more than 900 years of history. It is the main cultural and economic center of the province, actively developing cooperation with other countries. The city, with a population of 2.8 million, accounts for about one-third of Hainan's gross regional product. In accordance with the Chinese government's plan, a large cluster of headquarters and representative offices of several multinational companies is being formed here.