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St. Petersburg hospitals lack medical equipment, including ventilators

A total of 8,485 coronavirus cases have been recorded in St. Petersburg

ST. PETERSBURG, May 13. /TASS/. The government of St. Petersburg has pointed to a shortage of equipment in the city’s healthcare facilities, including ventilators, St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov said on Wednesday.

"Today, we do not have enough medical equipment. We need time to buy it. Even when you have money, you cannot buy it. We ‘wait in line,' looking for such equipment in different countries, especially ventilators, to equip our hospitals," he said responding to questions from members of the St. Petersburg parliament.

In April, Vice Governor of St. Petersburg Yevgeny Elin spoke about plans to resume the production of lung ventilators in the city due to their shortage.

According to the latest data, 8,485 coronavirus cases have been recorded in St. Petersburg, which ranks third in the number of infections after Moscow and the Moscow Region. A total of 1,848 patients have recovered, 63 people have died.