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ESA astronaut says she was comfortable working in Russian spacesuit

"The Russian Orlan-ISS spacesuit is designed "for work with any anthropometry" Samantha Cristoforetti noted

ISS, July 25./TASS/. European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti said on Monday that she was comfortable wearing a Russian spacesuit during the spacewalk under the Russian program overnight to July 22.

"It was comfortable to work. I trained in both American and Russian spacesuits back on Earth," the astronaut told TASS special correspondent cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev. The Russian Orlan-ISS spacesuit is designed "for work with any anthropometry," she said.

The astronaut most of all remembered the task of launching nanosatellites under the Radioscaf program, when together with Artemyev she set a record as to the number of satellites launched within one spacewalk. "The preparation for the mission took place entirely aboard the ISS. We had to think over how to take out the satellites so that they do not get tangled (satellites were fastened together with special straps - TASS)," she added.

The TASS special correspondent had no difficulty in interviewing Samantha Cristoforetti since she can speak several languages, including the Russian language.

Artemyev and Cristoforetti made a seven-hour-long spacewalk overnight to July 22.