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Russia becomes target of West’s coordinated aggression in cyberspace — MFA

In 2022, Russia faced unprecedented external cyberattacks

MOSCOW, January 28. /TASS/. Moscow became the target of the West’s coordinated aggression in cyberspace, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov said in an interview with TASS.

"In 2022, Russia faced unprecedented external cyberattacks. In fact, we became the target of coordinated aggression involving intelligence agencies, transnational IT corporations and ‘hacker activists" from the collective West and its puppets," he pointed out.

Syromolotov noted that "the majority of digital acts of sabotage are carried out from the United States and other NATO countries, as well as from Ukraine." "Our ill-wishers seek to cause as much damage as possible, using all the possible tools to hit our country’s critical infrastructure. The government sector took the main blow in 2022," he said, adding: "The number of such attacks doubled and even tripled in the past year. We recorded numerous attacks on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s information resources."

"Not only are we recording a rise in attacks, but their complexity is also growing. Ukraine, which has long lost its independence, is used by its sponsors as a springboard for cyberattacks on Russia and its partners," the deputy foreign minister stressed. He also said that "the West is pumping significant funds into personnel training and technical assistance in the Kiev regime’s attempts to increase its offensive capabilities in terms of information and communication technologies," the diplomat said. "Private companies from unfriendly countries are being involved in activities aimed at achieving these goals. Microsoft and Amazon are in fact taking care of the Ukrainian government’s key information resources. Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation has made a cooperation agreement with the US-based company Recorded Future, close to the CIA," Syromolotov noted.