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Putin says believes that ongoing big changes are for the better

According to Russian President, not only Russia is currently living through big changes, but the entire world is changing

MOSCOW, December 18. /TASS/. The ongoing changes both in Russia and in the entire world are for the better, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a video address to the first congress of the Russian movement of children and the youth on Sunday.

"Not only Russia is currently living through big changes, the entire world is changing. I believe that these changes are for the better," he said, adding that he hopes Russia’s openness and resolve will make the world fairer. "A world where all nations are really equal, where every person has the right to respect, to follow his or her traditions, to speak his or her native language, to honor the ancestors, where everyone has a possibility for self-fulfillment regardless of the conditions he or she grew up in, his or her origin," the president stressed.