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One civilian killed in Ukrainian shelling of Belgorod Region — governor

According to Vyacheslav Gladkov, poultry farm was damaged

TASS, December 18. One person was killed and another one was injured when the Belgorod district of the Belgorod Region was shelled by the Ukrainian armed forces, regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov reported on his Telegram on Sunday.

"On the Belgorod region. Unfortunately, there is one dead and one injured. The poultry farm was damaged. I’m heading to the site," he wrote.

Gladkov added that as a result of the shelling the building of the local poultry farm was damaged. Earlier, he reported that four people were injured because of this shelling in Belgorod. The wounded were in moderate condition. The governor also specified that a shell hit a house in Belgorod, two children were in the epicenter. They were miraculously unharmed.