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Russian Aerospace Forces receive 200 aerial vehicles every year - Putin

The Russian military has not only experienced a revival, but now has "absolutely new units", the President said

MOSCOW, March 11. /TASS/. Russia’s Aerospace Forces receive 200 aerial vehicles every year, President Putin said in Andrei Kondrashov’s new film dubbed Putin.

"From 2013, the Aerospace Forces receive every year 200 aerial vehicles," he said. "Thus, we can say, our armed forces have not just revived. We have made the new armed forces, which have absolutely new units."

"Such units are new to the Armed Forces, and they have demonstrated themselves brilliantly in Syria," the president said.

In the film, Putin speaks about the late 90s, when "Russia to a certain extent lost its sovereignty."

"We are speaking about the state of the Armed Forces, about the domestic conflicts, which for sure were fueled from abroad," he said.

The president gave an example from the past. "FSB’s director was reading an interception between a bandit warlord and a foreign supervisor," Putin continued. "I can remember every word - ‘Russia is weak as never before. Either we are striking and this, and this, and this, or never.’ And they were trying hard."

"When the country faced a real problem, the bleeding wound of the North Caucasus, it was clear - we cannot do without strong army," the president said.