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Russian senator calls for taking possibility of US attack on North Korea seriously

On April 9, media reports said that the Pentagon had sent a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier The Carl Vinson and escort ships towards the Korean Peninsula

MOSCOW, April 14. /TASS/. The new US administration has been acting unpredictably, so the possibility of its attack on North Korea should be taken seriously, said Konstantin Kosachev, Chairman of the Russian Federation Council (upper house of parliament) Committee for Foreign Affairs.

"The most alarming aspect of the current situation is that we can’t be sure whether the US administration is bluffing or it is actually ready to implement its threats," Kosachev wrote on Facebook. "This is why we have to take seriously the news saying that the US is ready to launch a preemptive strike on North Korea in case information is received about Pyongyang’s preparations for a new nuclear test," he added.

Judging by the situation in Syria, the White House doesn’t bother to probe into the information it receives, the Russian senator went on to say. "The information may come any time from any source, including the media and some private human rights organizations based thousands of kilometers away from the scene. However, the White House is not inclined to probe into this information before making a decision," Kosachev said.

When speaking on Pyongyang’s possible retaliatory steps, he stressed that they were rather predictable. "North Korea’s response is a predictable thing. They take the threat seriously so they are starting military preparations," the Russian senator pointed out. At the same time, in his words, North Korea is a nuclear power concerned over Washington’s so-called "humanitarian operations."

"North Korea is sure to have nuclear weapons while the Unites States’ intentions are not clear. In this regard, the US poses far greater threat to the world than North Korea," Kosachev said. However, he expressed hope that US President Donald Trump would listen to what Russia and China were saying concerning the North Korean issue. "North Korea is not the case when you first strike and then discuss your reasons with others," the senator noted.

Lately, the United States has stated on many occasions that all possible options to deal with North Korea are under consideration. On April 9, media reports said that the Pentagon had sent a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier The Carl Vinson and escort ships towards the Korean Peninsula. This decision of the US administration raised concerns in North Korea as Pyongyang does not rule out a US missile strike. Under these circumstances, the North Korean authorities announced their determination to strengthen the country’s nuclear and missile capabilities.