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Russian Federal Migration Service: EU fails to manage migration processes effectively

One of the reasons for the migrant crisis in Europe is the fact that the EC had left asylum procedure up to individual countries, the migration service shief says

MOSCOW, March 9. /TASS/. The European Union has failed to develop the uniform standards to accept refugees, an effective record-keeping system of arriving migrants and the mechanism of expulsion of illegal immigrants, head of Russia’s Federal Migration Service (FMS) Konstantin Romodanovsky has told RT TV channel.

"Our analysis of the situation in the EU member-countries indicates that so far the European Union has failed to manage the migration processes," Romodanovsky said.

"The EU has not developed a common stance on the issue. While some countries say they are ready to accept migrants thus demonstrating their liberal attitude towards refugees, others, on the contrary, are trying to distance themselves from them by building walls on their borders," he noted.

According to Romodanovsky, one of the reasons for the migrant crisis in Europe was the fact that the European Commission "had systematized the procedure for obtaining Schengen visas leaving asylum procedure up to individual countries," even though the capabilities of the EU member-states are different.

Besides, "the centralized record-keeping system of refugees arriving in the EU en masse has not been developed, and there are practically no real working mechanisms in Europe that make it possible to expel an illegal immigrant from a country," Romodanovsky said.

He added that "it would be a strategically correct step to move towards the development of uniform global standards in the humanitarian area, at least the unification of approaches of the countries receiving the most refugees in terms of asylum procedures and the deadlines for considering applications, the size of refugee benefits and the list of preferences granted to forced migrants."