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Moscow denies charges of complicity in protests in US, says ambassador in Washington

He said that "we wish to see order and people’s constitutional rights restored as fast as possible"

MOSCOW, June 3. /TASS/. Moscow denies the charges of alleged intervention in the United States’ internal affairs and of complicity in mass protests in that country, Russia’s ambassador in Washington, Anatoly Antonov, said in the 60 Minutes program on Russia’s Rossiya-1 federal television channel.

"Even in this situation, where the country has encountered such serious problems, some are trying to find a Russian connection and accuse Russia of intervention in the United States’ internal affairs. Allegedly we instigate what is happening here," he said.

US media, he remarked, keeps claiming Russia is behind the scenes and pulls the strings.

"This is utterly wrong. Everything that is happening in the United States is a result of the policy that has been conducted in the US in the field of inter-ethnic and inter-racial relations. It is an explosion of the contradictions that have been simmering for a very long time," he said.

The coronavirus pandemic and economic problems have merely added to the tensions. "In the country there are 40 million jobless, who are tired of the lockdown. The negative emotions are overflowing and spilling onto the streets," he said.

"I will say unequivocally that nobody is rejoicing. Everybody is watching with great regret what is happening in the United States," Antonov stated. "People are losing lives. We do see what attacks are being committed by the marauders and provocateurs, who never miss a chance to take advantage of peaceful demonstrations."

"It goes without saying that what is happening in the United States is fresh evidence of human rights violations and double standards. But I would not like to put the emphasis on this in a country where we, Russian diplomats, are doing our job. We are very much worried over the situation in the host country. We wish to see its recovery. We wish to see order and people’s constitutional rights restored as fast as possible. This would let us cooperate normally," Antonov said.

No progress for the time being

"I have a feeling that the positive, constructive signals from Donald Trump, who speaks about the need for improving Russian-US relations, do not reach the middle level, those who are expected to act on the instructions," Antonov said.

He recalled that several days ago Russian and US presidents held a telephone conversation and set the tasks and specific aims of bilateral cooperation. "However, this has not taken the shape of concrete projects we would like to see," Antonov said.

Unrest in US

Many US states have witnessed protests and rioting following the death of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During his detention on May 25 police used a dangerous chokehold. A day later all four police officers involved in the operation were fired and one of them was arrested on charges of unpremeditated murder.

In connection with rioting the authorities introduced a curfew in 40 US cities, including Washington, Los Angeles and New York. The KTLA network said on Tuesday the unrest has left at least 11 people dead.