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Ukrainian rocket strike hits hospital in LPR, 14 killed, 24 wounded - Defense Ministry

All those wounded are receiving medical treatment

MOSCOW, January 28. /TASS/. Ukraine’s Armed Forces have intentionally hit the hospital in Novoaidar in the Lugansk People’s Republic, using a US-made HIMARS rocket launchers, as a result, 14 people were killed and 24 more wounded, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday.

"At about 7:30 a.m. on January 28, the Ukrainian armed forces conducted a deliberate strike, using rockets of a US-made HIMARS multiple launch rocket system, on the building of the district hospital in the urban settlement of Novoaidar in the Lugansk People’s Republic," the ministry said.

"The impact of the rockets with high-explosive fragmentation warheads has resulted in killing 14 and injuring 24 patients and medical employees of the hospital," the defense ministry said.

The Russian Defense Ministry pointed out that civilian and military health professionals had been providing medical treatment to local civilians and service members at the Novoaidar hospital for many months.

All those wounded in the Ukrainian rocket strike on the district hospital in Novoaidar are receiving medical treatment, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

"All the victims are being provided with professional medical aid," the statement said. "The intentional missile strike, launched at the obviously known operating civilian healthcare facility, is an undoubted heinous war crime of the Kiev regime."

The ministry assured that everyone involved in planning and implementing that crime would be found and brought to justice.