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Scientists in Hainan develop type of rice with a strong yield

Some 926.5 kilograms of rice were harvested during the first harvest in May this year

SANYA, October 27. /TASS/. An agricultural experimental center in Yazhou District in Sanya (Hainan Province, South China) has developed a highly efficient hybrid two-yielding rice variety. They managed to harvest 23.8 tons of rice per hectare in two harvests, the Hainan Jibao newspaper reported.

The first harvest in May this year yielded 926.5 kilograms of rice per mu (Chinese unit of area, 0.067 hectare), or about 13.9 tons per hectare. The second, "late" crop was harvested in October and amounted to 660.4 kilograms per mu, or about 9.9 tons per hectare.

The double-yielding hybrid rice experiment began in December 2020. It was led by a team of scientists assembled by academic Yuan Longping. "Yuan Longping's goal was successfully achieved in Hunan and Hainan provinces. This demonstrates that double-yielding rice has great potential in improving performance," said Wang Fei, lead researcher of the project.

As the researchers point out, Hainan is a promising area for high-yield crop breeding, helped by its tropical climate and high number of sunny days.

Academician Yuan Longping bred the world's first hybrid rice variety in the 1970s. During his research, the scientist set several world records for hybrid rice yields. He died on May 22, 2021, at the age of 91.